Professional Activities and Business

مرتضی سیدامدپور

Morteza Seyed Ahmadpour currently is consulting and teaching on the following fields:
- Strategic management consulting in SME (Small, Medium, Enterprise) Business.
- Marketing and sales consulting, and training marketing team with a modern marketing management approach.
- Developing and monitoring marketing plan.
- Consultation, design and implementation of IT projects.
- Information Technology and e-business facilitate.
- Develop and implement digital strategies for organizations and businesses.
- Design and teaching IT and e-commerce training courses and workshops.
- Writing books and articles for magazines and professional organizations.

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مرتضی سیداحمدپور     مرتضی سیداحمدپور     مرتضی سیداحمدپور     مرتضی سیداحمدپور